The 4 survivors - rescued by US ARMY special forces rangers taking it cautiously.

First picture I’ve made in a long time. I hope it’s decent.

The editing is fantastic but I don’t like the posing. Don’t get me wrong; the posing is perfect, but the stances are just all wrong.

The way Francis is standing and looking makes sense. That pose is good.
What the hell is Bill doing? “I saw a zombie dog. Yeah. About this tall.”
Zoey looks like a slut.
Louis looks like he’s thanking God… but in his own weird gangster way.

Rated artistic.

What the fuck, why is Zoey holding the gun in that way D:


Also isnt it Urban camo they should use?


Anyhow the posing is amazing.

Hahahaha, thats great.

Looks great to man

Francis got a loaded rifle pointed at his face.
Bill is convincing the soldier to lower his weapon.
Zoey is a slut =p
Louis, well, you figured that one out too.

It’s a relaxed stance.

In L4D there are some zombified military guys that I tried to get the camo as close as possible to. To me it seems that L4D to takes place a few years back.

I rather like this, i fucken’ want those reskins bad man. O_O linkage by any chance?

Haha I love left for dead.

It might happen, If I don’t get lazy. Atleast I could release them as replacements for the other “overly-shiny-beta-AmericasArmy-ACU-skins” =p

Very good! Zoey looks so… Cute, haha. I can’t belive i just said that.
Anyways, Very well done.

but still zoey is like: wtf are you doing put that gun away before i kick you in the balls

But awesome pose +art:smile:

I like all of it exept zoey and francis, Francis should have zoey’s pose and Vice Versa IMO

Takes place October 2009.

Prepare yourselves people :tinfoil:

Bill is “telling” the marine to lower his weapon
Louis is… Yeah probably “thanking God”
Francis should have Zoey’s pose
Zoey should have Francis’ pose

I don’t really like those models, but that reskin is now gonna make me want it.

very nice picture, good posing, too! I understood the posings

Bill looks like he’s pushing the soldiers gun down, I think that’s cool. But funny joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for all the great comments. Appreciated.


lol rangers2kool4u
make another pose of the rangers shooting them for lulz


More terrifying zombie corpses or blood?

You’re one of the best.