The 7 eleven Robbery

this is my very first snapshot/pose scene kind of thing so please dont judge im not an expert at this lol! :stuck_out_tongue:
P.S, trevor didnt have finger posing, they all didnt have face posing either.

another P.S, these were a pain to pose correctly, XD


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okay I may as well actually be of some help. You see that directory you’ve got in the image tags? Take that, then go to a file hosting site, for example, then click “computer” and when the filesystem browser comes up, paste that directory you’ve got. Upload the picture, and replace what you currently have in your image tags with the URL, which should look something like “<letters and numbers>.jpg”


Folks will appreciate it if you post your images in this thread until the quality of your content is thread-worthy.

Or maybe this.

Actually that’s mainly for people who don’t care about improving, like you. Whereas gamingninja seems to mean well, seeing as he is receptive to criticism. Unlike you.

And if you might have missed this, i found it pretty essential when i got into gmod posing