The 7 Hour War: Secret Weapon (RGD)

Probably the most frustration I’ve ever faced D:

…Yet worth it! Enjoy!

Meh. Beginning part was alright, camera angles were horrible, and voice acting was below average (however I will note the quality of the voices were VERY good, sounds like a studio mic was used). Once it got to the whole ‘contraption’ thing, it was basically just barrels, dominoes and sliders. I don’t know, this just didn’t really appeal to me, it was far too long and was mostly the same thing.


That was much too long to be interesting, and a bit of an anti climax at the end. Effort was put in for the rube goldberg device though.


VERY unfitting music.

Thanks for the feedback so far. What I’m seeing is what I expected. To be honest alot of work towards the end (not the video but putting it all together) was rushed due to many many vista problems. Usually the videos I create, not including my youtube profile, are better in quality and effort.

Thanks again!

What makes you say that?

imho, microphone quality was bad because of static and such. You would never hear that on a proper studio microphone.

Towards the beginning, someone’s mic I recall being of very nice quality. Maybe not studio mic quality, but good.

[Edit] Whoever’s rating my video ‘dumb’, what’s your point? I gave constructive criticism… I’m entitled to an opinion just like any of us here. Maybe you should actually have the balls to put up something constructive instead of rip on other people’s opinions.