The 7 Hour War

Enjoy, please leave comments.

Pretty bland, only 3 posed ragdolls.

There were no combine soldiers during the 7 hour war. They came later…FYI.

Provide a suggestion in replacement of a combine soldier during the Seven Hour War.

If you cannot, then really there’s not much people can do about it. Obviously they didn’t have Combine Soldiers during the said war, but seeing as it’s one of the only options, then it will have to do.

What the fuck is up with the combine ragdoll?

The combine seems to be a wooden puppet

First time agreeing with you Deathbucket

oh here we go

Wait, how did they not have combine soldiers during the 7 hour war?

Isn’t that when the combine invaded?

because combine soldiers are human and no humans were assimilated yet

Yes but with synths and all, combines are humans. only modified.



Ahhh, when I saw the title I expected some big battle with humans being raped by Combine syths.

A little disapointed :frowning:

Its the pure disapointage