The 70's Car (And Explosion!)

Yup. I made a 70’s car.
And it’s No Addon, which is indeed, good!

The body itself took me around 2 hours to make skecthes off in paperwork. When all the papers were done, I had a nice car… On papers.
I then made it in Garry’s Mod, took me around 3 hours.

The Video can be viewed HERE
The explosion is in the end of the video.

It’s not my best work, but considering it’s on an Online server, and No Addon, I find it quite good. (I always do No Addon. No Addons installed.)

I really hope you all like it! The Video if you missed it.

dude…don’t post your real name in your post.
No-addon fails–phx3, wire, these are on every server out there. It’s ok, but it could have been better.

EDIT: I *like *vanilla-ok? But this looks kinda lumpy and strange. I think phx would have helped it; phx for the doors and upper-rear body would make it look less like a golf-cart. It’s alright, needs work IMO. I prefer phx and wire, just for myself, but regardless this looks weird.

I don’t find anything wrong in posting my real name, as long as I don’t post my full name.

And, there are some people who still wants to have G-Mod as it began, with no addons. The server I play on, is absolutely no addon, therefore keeping the spirit alive.

And, if I may ask, what could have been better? I do realise, that the frontbumper should have been black, but the car itself drives better than alot of Wire-Cars in comparison. (No offense.)

Anyway, there, have a heart

I’ve heard some strong anti-PHX and anti-Wire sentiments in my day, but anti-vanilla?

If you’re saying anything without phx fails… then you fucking fail, good sir.
We all get better at building. Looks cool for a start.

If it’s pointed at me; I’m not new. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve been using Garry’s Mod since 2008, and Sandbox programs since 2005. I try to get the cars boxy, after what time they are from. As, a 70’s car should be really boxy in the front, and a bit more smooth in the backend… As you see!

And thanks for the replies, of who had anything to say about the car! :slight_smile:

Edit And remember to check the video out, which might make it look better. Especially in the realistic perfomence of driving.

You. Shut up. Now.

^ this.

You. Are a failure of a troll.

You’re a shitbag.

It’s good enough to be posted here. Is it breakable?

Reaper, get out.

reaper its not that everyone is like “OMG HUURR LETS TROLL REAPER”. No, it’s that you act like an elitist shit when most of stuff sucks.

I’m not going to lie, in the grand scheme of things (especially here) its rubbish BUT I like it, you didn’t make a generic phx box car and you showed some creativity.

Looked liked it handled nicely (even though it has no suspension or real steering)

Explosion was win

Keep buildin and postin d00d


agreed. This actually captures my sentiments better than my own post.

No. What I do when I don’t use my cars anymore, I: Blend them, throw them into a wall, or explode them.
In this explosion, the whole car was stucked, and unwelded. Then I no-collided it all, so it would still be one group. Then unfroze it in the same time of explosion which equals Boom!.

And I would like to have this kept on topic. 75% of all this, is a disucussion wether addons are good or not. And a mass of people having a go on eachother.

I’ll have some more videos uploaded tomorrow, or today. Depends if Sony Vegas doesn’t cheat on me again. So keep subscribed on YouTube if you like it!

Sounds good. Needs moar suspensions tho lol :slight_smile:


edit: music is kinda upbeat and cool in vid, I like that. and props for skid steer (I love skid steer…I can make steering, etc., just like skid steer. Perosnal preference)