the 7th bucket/weapon group

ok, anyone played aliens vs predator (2010) yet? well i have noticed this very nice feature as the predator,your weapon equipped is always the wrist-blades, you cannot change this. however you do get different weapons for the predator that you can use while you are using the wristblades,the wristblades uses mouse 1 for light attacks and mouse 2 for heavy attacks, so you use mouse 3 for these weapons

why did i tell you this? because i think it would be incredibly usefull to have weapons that can be used without you having to equip it.

for example you have an ar2 and… a teleport. you run down onto a platform over a pit of lava, there are a few more platforms around you, now there are hostiles that happen to be shooting at you, these platforms fall underneath you every now and then, you would have to shoot and teleport to other platforms at the same time, if you had to switch weapons you would die

this would be usefull for:
a limited cloak
a limited shield
rappels/spiderman web
hitting people with your gun
shoulder mounted weaponry
a telleport
extra weaponry such as a shoulder mounted weapon, a weapon comeing from your body (flamebreath, tail swipe, hidden blade/gun etc)

and many more usefull things (they should all go in the 7th cattagory (2 is pistols and 6 is the toolgun to avoid confusion)

I don’t think that there is a seventh category. Also, does the game even recognize tertiary fire?