The 819s Rust Community Server: Details - Come Visit

Hello community!

I’m writing to invite you to the North America 1 Rust Community Server. The official server name is: “North America 1 [PvP - Sleepers - No Cheaters-ACTIVE Admins]”.
Imagine a gaming environment where hackers and cheaters are not even permitted to log in.
Imagine a server where regular events (think hunger games or “Raid that base/King of the hill”) are held in a remote location.
Imagine a server with around the clock support to reboot if necessary, ban/kick when appropriate and everyone can focus on having fun.
Now imagine that server, already being financed and funded for over a year. (Yes, although we appreciate donations to help support once your living here, rest assured that we have financing to keep this server up for the long haul) There is no need to worry that someone won’t be able to get enough money from mommy…
This is what the Server is…and more.

Our admins are all grown adults with full time jobs. This means:
-We will manage the server in an adult manner.
-Our bills will be paid on time.
-Money raised over our server maintenance will be used to purchase RL gear that will be given away to server event winners. (Yes…it will be possible to win things like NEW Logitech G930 Headsets, gamepads, & video cards by participating in and winning 819s server events)
-Our events will be coordinated regularly.
-We recognize that your playing time may be limited, so we will do our BEST to keep the server up, and hacker free…because as adults…we don’t have time to deal with that BS.
-The server is hosted in Chicago, which provides a US Central ping.
-Admins are on nearly 24/7. If one is not available, and someone is hacking or the server needs to be rebooted, email us at:
We actively monitor email and will get back to you ASAP.

The details:
-Full PvP
-No cheating, glitching, exploiting. (Specifically doing things like glitching through a wall or door will result in a perma- server ban)
-Known cheaters will be banned as soon as they log in. (We will also monitor the Rust forum hacker thread.) Please also report exploiters to our forum.
-REALLY minimum wipes…although its an Alpha, (and as it progresses) we would like to avoid starting over every week. In our view, people with jobs can’t dedicate themselves to restarting every week so we will try to avoid wipes as much as possible)
-We will provide regular updates regarding events, give away’s, winners, etc on our website and here on this forum!
-Have fun. Our intent is to create a long term server for the community. We have the funding, we have the imagination and we have the support personnel.
Our website address:
(Waiting on DNS replication, but it will be up in 24 hours) You can access the interim address at if you can’t wait. :slight_smile:

We just need you. Join us. We look forward to seeing you in game!


Let us know what type of events you guys want and we’ll work on getting it set up. The server just came up today so hop in and start gathering!

Not playing on that server. But I might join for a event. there could be a “Hunger games” type of event. Everyone on the server starts in one place ( Maybe the hangar ) ( Or Mt.Rustmore ) Completely naked. Without torches or bandages. Only rocks. Everyone who dies gets disqualified, and the winner is the last survivor. The event can be held aslong as people are surviving, they could team up if they want, but only one person can be the winner, not 2 or 3. They could work theirself up to kevlars and m4’s. or they could hunst everyone down at the beggining with a bow and arrow.

Very much looking forward to how this server progresses! Especially the events!

Hey guys we also Got a NoSleeper server now avalible !!

adress = “North America 1 [PvP - NoSleepers - NoCheaters-ACTIVE Admins]”

really cool… .since bandage bandits was wiped… ill try this one with more 3 friends. How the wipes will work?

Wipes will probably work as followed…

-Dupes are found out and exploited.
-New updates or game changing mechanic that call for a wipe.
-Dramatic increase in population atm were at around 10-20 players so if we get lets say 50-80 players constantly on then to even everything out we will wipe.
-We will not be randomly wiping the servers.

For any news on additional info or about our server visit

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Same here. Was a regular on Bandage Banditas. But cause of the Wipe, will pay more interest to this one. And if they really have a nice event going, will join aswell :smiley:

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I got to disagree with the 3rd reason.
Let those who played 1st get the best gear.
Like that one saying.
The early naked man gets the kevlar

So I have been playing on this server with my friends and we started out and geared up and then we saw this big tower and some hotel.
At first we saw the Tower and were like LETS GO UP THERE.

But then, as soon as we got there, we had to gather wood… to make our way up there.
So we went to the hotel, destroyed the hotel, then the mADMIN crew came and tried to fend us off, we killed them all, several times. They called GG, after they ran out of gear, which we let decay on the ground. So we were done ruining their hotel.

So we continued gathering wood, after we had enough for 21 stairs, we built our way all the way up to their tower and started ripping a hole into the wall, killing everything inside. After we did that, we used their supplies they had stored there to create even more C4.
Ripping hole after hole into the tower, then the admin came with godmode, calling us cheaters and how we got up here.

We showed him the large staircase we built. - He left, for 5 minutes.
One of the mADMIN crew came and spammed VOIP the entire time, we blew his door open, kicked his ass and it got quiet. So the admin came back in godmode talking to us and threatened to ban us - So we broke all the staircases on the inside, blocked everything off, so they couldn’t get their stuff back and we got banned in the middle of doing so, the admin was pissed off and had to rely on admin-tools to fight us off, isn’t that pathetic?

So we got banned for playing fair and legit and the madmin couldn’t handle it so they banned us after beating them over and over again.

All in all, I cannot recommend this server, it’s provided by whiny admins and players that talk way too big for such a lack of aiming skills.
Oh and one important point, we were polite until the very end when they started banning us.

Stay away from any servers they provide if you’re good.
Unless you’re looking for a PvE server, this isn’t the right choice for you.

We got some shadowplay of half way of it, if anyone is interested.

Best regards,
-Shara aka “I’m in your house stealing stuff”, the guy that popped like 8 heads during the fights.

cy@’ and get good. And… no more MADministration please.

Special thanks to:

Warmonger aka ROBBIE2013
Godly aka [Sk8]Kickflip
Beab aka Asheron
Decius aka DiscoLemonade



Blatant Admin Abuse**

As we’ve already proven you’re Brick, aka Warchild, the owner and admin of said server.
Proof for that has already been provided, but here, let me help you out:
"First seen by Steam name : [-IX-]Warchild"

Steam Profile:

Screenshots of profiles incase of lies and name changing:

This is footage of the Admin aka Brick (Warchild) abusing his powers / godmode, before the time they knew we invaded their server, so at that point we were mere randoms to him, as stated before, this video was taken a couple hours before the raid infront of his tower:

-youtube description

You can now try to deny all you want, but let’s just have the community decide.

"Facta non verba" -Warchild

The above post is 100% accurate.

Basically if you shit on the admins of this server they ban you.



EDIT: Check out what these hypocrite pussyboys ban for.

DO NOT join this server. admins are at most 16 years old and will kick you mid-fight. not only this but they spawn items for themselves, and I think one of them even had godmode on (he was afk, and 10x pipe shotgun shots to the face did nothing to him). I talked about it in chat and was consequentially banned

Well… if its 100% true, it isnt good.

Wow…you guys Godly (Almighty God), Shara, Warmonger (Batman), & CDXX (CeeDee) are known exploiters, and once we found out who you were on our server…we banned and kicked you.

I was the only admin on the server, and no, I was not spamming some noise. When I investigated how you got in the tower, I saw it was legit and let you guys continue the raid. Only when it was discovered that you were the known exploiters were you banned.

Known exploiters and cheaters will be banned as soon as they are discovered. We don’t like playing with cheaters on our server. Get over it and go play on a server that does not have active admins.

Please review our server name: No Cheaters. You have all been banned and prohibited from playing on this server. Thanks.

They are VERY well know for hacking. I may get my friends to join this server now that I know those dick heads are banned from using it.

So after typing out that long reply did you ever consider getting ss?
Seeing as you raided my hotel, i stuck around to see the end game.
I don’t think you 4 were capable of creating that many stairs in such a short amount of time.

Good to see these guys banned. Great place to play now that these guys are gone.

lol, that’s 50 wood, each stair, so you’re telling me it’s not possible for 5 guys to gather 1050 wood in about 20 minutes? Considering that you guys carried 200 on you sometimes and donated to our cause.

You had your shit pushed in real good, how about you consider playing minecraft, since you can’t handle playing against someone that knows how to aim properly. But hey, at least you got your madmin taking care of the bad-guys. Try hard for some more damage control.

Thanks for the information - helps to prevent other servers from this “players” :slight_smile:

I was present as the events unfolded and Warchild (the admin) handled it fine. He saw a group of players doing some very shady stuff, investigated it, and didn’t hand out any bans until he ID’d the players as known hackers and exploiters that he has encountered in not only RUST but other sandbox games as well.

Anyway I think it’s best not to derail this thread any further so back on topic…it’s a great server and has a solid group of players.

Oh dude, for real? We can play with open hands, you can check my stats on every game EVERYTHING, no single ban on record, bf2, bf3, bf4, metabans, punkbuster, vac, everything. All clean. My youtube has footage, showing that things are done legit.
You’re those kind of guys that ban as soon as someone runs around with a 3.0 k/d, pathetic.

You should really consider labeling your server “PvE”, knowing you guys from MO, I know that these guys, especially “Warchild” has done more shady stuff than all of us combined. You started talking shit, now that you can’t handle it you gotta use your madmin powers.

Remember that stuff with Discord in MO? I know all about these stories, don’t even try.

We started out naked on your server, worked our way up with gear and steamrolled you guys. Nuff said. - Get good.

And another tip, don’t build big ass houses if you’re not willing to defend it, as they’re bound to attract attention and will get raided eventually.
We got the C4 from 2 supply drops, one from your house and more from your materials, everything we did was not even shady at all.
And our entry to your base is getting uploaded right now, so just keep your mouths running.