The Abandoned - A warhammer 40000 interactive.

Just few things to note.

Apparently, it’s already been started on another forum, by me (If you don’t believe me, look at my steam account, this current username was made a two years ago).

No, I’m not advertising the forum mentioned in the blog either nor the blog itself. The blog was made after the thread there was made, simply for easy archiving.

This is also my first interactive, so don’t insult for being a noob, but rather for doing a bad job if I am doing a bad job.

Most of the things I have to mention is already in the blog.

Don’t use those terrible filters. Don’t use any editing instead , or use the in game color mod if you’re bad with editing .

But don’t use those. Really. They make everything look like shit. And work on your posing and angles.

Maybe you should tell him not to use them anymore.

But do. really. your repeated information is very helpful.

And my addition to the thread is:- Try to place a bit more props, the pictures look a bit empty.

I realized that after the first 2 parts. I will try my best to make them look better.

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Will do :wink: