The ability to color, use materials, and make statues of specific ragdoll parts

Hey, I had this idea for a while now. Basically my idea goes as this, when using the color tool and material tool I can color a specific limb. Say I want a combine with 2 red arms, a blue head, a green body, and yellow legs. This would be impossible unless I used Photoshop but with my idea, I can color a specific part I want. This could be good if I wanted to make a limb invisible and no-collide another invisible ragdoll to make it look as its head was on the ragdoll. I know I could just use inflator but its buggy, the models sometimes look stupid, it could glitch up and not work, or sometimes just crash. The statue would be the same as the color idea but make a specific limb stiff and the rest of the ragdoll floppy as usual

Or you used hat maker.(for players)

Except that this would require a major rewrite of how ragdolls and physics and coloring worked, way past the point of it being useful. Just use photoshop.