The ability to drop weapons

I have a few reasons, and some stuff to back it up of why we need them.

  1. Easier to make better machinima.
    – “We already have enough movies” (People won’t stop, and plus, you gotta admit it would look better and be easier to show someone actually picking a gun up then just making it appear in their hands)
  2. Too many stuff clogs up our inventory space
    – " Suicide or type “kill” in the console. (For one thing, yes, those are answers, but it would allow people to do it in game modes which respawn you on the opposite team if you die. Aka Zombie survival… And to back-up admins on a server, they could turn off the ability to drop weapons when creating a server, and also in game.

this is a forum for things garry should add. this could be taken care of by a relatively simple lua script.