The ability to paint more than two textures on a displacement?

I’ve considered this before and it would be incredibly useful if I could pain more than two textures on a displacement.

For either the mod I’m working on or Epsiode 2, is it possible to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

You would probably have to make your own shader.

I’m gonna look into that because I still don’t fully understand what they are and what they do.


And thanks for the speedy response :v:

Not to mention add the functionality to Hammer. Or else there’s no way you could put such a shader to use. And Hammer isn’t open source, so you’re pretty much screwed there.

I’ll look into it tomorrow.

It’s late and I need my beauty sleep.

Soemthing I do is simply make an overlay. It’s good for hillsides, you can get an alternate rock or dirt overlay, and spread it out. It looks great at a distance as it’s not tiled, but can be a bit muddy at closer distances.

Won’t be good for small stuff, though.

You could use overlays but I think that’s the best you’ll get… Or make an external program that lets you edit displacements and add support to the bsp format probably… (Not sure on this one)

It would probably be easier to just make more blend textures and change the material on some of the displacements, to make it look like it have more than 2 blends?

That only works if he has a zillion a articulately placed displacements, which isn’t really possible in a lot of cases. If you’re texturing a hillside or something, an overlay works well.

Yea I’ve thought about this too. Theres a ton of stuff that should be added to blend texture shaders. Like a lot more supported shader effects to blend.

If he was a pro coder he could extensively modify the leaked hammer source code :V
Lol fail idea

Dunno if anyone’s gotten it to compile, needs DirectX7 and such like that.

Well, “ANON” compiled it into a playable version. Must work :V

You could use ‘baked in’ blends, by manually drawing the blended textures onto 1024^2 sheets with varying patterns.

Doon: Hammer or the actual game?

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