"The Abominations"

The strogg of the plastic army world.


No sleep for me tonight


Pffhahaha oh FUCK my sides hurt

This is the first thing that came to mind.

Somebody has been playing with a lighter.

That actually gave me a cool idea, too bad I don’t have any plastic soldiers. :v:

Someone likes super glue…

thanks for the comments guys, i want to make a massive battle pose. but i need to learn how to make “smokey” explosions. not fiery.

I guess this is related:


What the fuck

It’s from Army Men II, a old game made by a a now defunct company called 3DO. It was shown when you died or failed a objective in a mission when you were fighting the Zombies, there is other videos for the other missions as well.

Last time I checked the series is now owned by 2K Play and it’s basically dead now since the last games did very poorly. Although there is a Army Men III being designed by a Indie developer using the Unreal Engine.

fuck ya

A new army men game?
I used to play a fuckton of Air Attack with my dad

It’s not official.

My only real complaint against it is that some of the infantry models seem to be off.

Still play Sarge’s Heroes 2 on my N64. I’m too good with the sniper, though. No-one wants to play with me anymore >:D