Graboids, like from the movie Tremors.
If you haven’t seen Tremors, go watch it.
If you have seen it, then you realize how awesome a concept they are.

Basically, they are giant subterranean worms that hunt by movement and vibration
You can hide from them by standing on rocks.
You will need to craft seismographs to be able to track them.
If they come up and eat you, they store all your inventory in their belly, so if another group of people want to hunt one down, BOOM, extra lewt!
And you can craft bombs on strings, and little RC cars to strap bombs onto, to try and hunt the underground worms. (the worms track through vibrations and movement in the ground.)

And I’m sure there are a lot of other awesome things you can do with them.
If you haven’t, watch the movies, and just realize the awesomeness.
if you have, add to the conversation, what would you like to see added in as game mechanics/craftables for fighting giant underground worm beasts.
Obviously you’ll need to tweak them a little bit, make them mutated from the radiation or whichever yawn origin story you need to make.

Get amongst it, it’ll be awesome

(User was banned for this post ("all caps thread title, missed the suggestion subforum or the thread already discussing zombie replacements." - postal))

How original idea!
Are these something like the “wurms”?

P.S. I think these could be tricky to implement though,since even standard wolves still fly sometimes

yeah-yeah, another idea… Lika a

I think this game rly need somthing like mutants on radtowns, around zone - bear\wolfs chickens mutants. On roads around map - military.

LOL…you mimicked Tremors with everything you posted here. I mean, I know you sated the movie “Tremors”, which would be interesting, but you literally stated every concept from the movie; Seismographs, RC cars, Staying on rocks…why not just make a “Tremors” game?

Not going to lie, it would be fun though =)

And great, cheesy movies. I haven’t seen it forever. I think I’ll watch it this weekend. Ahhh, nostalgia.

I think youll get banned beacouse of caps title

The title made me facepalm, the post made me cheer!

This would be incredibly fun and stressful to live with in the game. Good idea.

Or Dune?

Kevin Bacon

When you kill him he doesn’t give you chicken breast… he gives you bacon.

It would be better then Dinos.