The ACTUAL ultimate headshot #3, the last one was not really very ultimate

Holy shit! Look at the brains splat out! Nice uberslug


Nice to see you have produced something equal to, if not better, than the stuff in your compilation thread.
Very well done, sir.

nice…just beautiful.

asum, love the cracks on his helmet, have an art board.

Well this one is ultimate for sure, I like the brain splatter. The background is a little blurry but that shit doesn’t matter, it’s still awesome.

Fucking awesome effect but I cant tell if he got shoot twice, or if the Sniper bullet was really powerful/expansive.

Still thats an awesome edit.

Post in my Headshot competition, i have no entries so far.

Awesome! Looks really realistic!

On the subject of headshots, is the combine model you used on the “fake” UH#3 released?

it’s a heavy combine I downloaded, don’t remember where

Fuck. I thought I saw it in releases under the model section, gonna see if I can find it there

Mind linking it here if you do? I just looked for it but couldn’t find it.

ownage i love it :smiley:

YES, I knew you could do better.
the background looks a little wierd with the model but the editing is just so ace.
Well fucking done and I hope to see more from you.

Holy shit that’s amazing.


extremely nice

Have wood.

Can’t find shit :confused: Sorry guys

Oh noes I just spotted some bad isolation.

Still amazing though.

Now that I see this again I wonder… No ground hog? :frowning: