The Addons on the Main Menu

You guys know how on the main menu of Garry’s Mod, it scrolls through pictures of addons, right? Well I was wondering, is there a place I can go to see what these addons are. A couple of them interest me such as that Space Rocket model that the Astronauts are around in one picture, and for that matter the map in that picture. Please help?


They’re just screenshots taken in Garry’s Mod, not officially representing certain addons or anything.

I know, but I was wondering about addons in certain pictures. Because, I don’t know what to look up for some of them.

Try searching that 50gb toybox torrent. You’ll probbably find many of them there.

Thank you!
Is it this one?

It’s not 50gbs, though.

50GB was a rough estimate. That’s the one i’m talking about though.