The admin ability to remove pillars, ceilings, and foundations. Also spectate for admins.

I would love to be able to remove pillars, ceilings and foundations on my own server as an admin. I would also like to be able to spectate players without their knowledge to watch people for duping and hacking. Currently the only way is to wear the invisible armor but the players can see my name tag and hear my footsteps. If I make it to where my name doesn’t show I’ll get banned by VAC. The ability to teleport to a position instead of just players would be nice as well. Something like a free roam camera mode, not full noclip, just camera would be useful too. Thanks for making a fantastic game so far.

The problem with the invis gear isn’t just the name and footsteps.

The problem is your character information is still being sent to other player’s game clients. So if somebody is cheating by using a wall/radar hack you will be completely visible to them.

There needs to be a spectate mode that lets you fly around as just a noclip camera with the server keeping your location information to itself.

You can teleport to a position instead of a player, but figuring out the coords is not easy.

Also godmode is very ungodly.

Explosions, fall damage, and falling in the ocean will all kill you.

Falling in the ocean might not seem like a big deal until you start attempting to teleport around using coordinates and end up under the world over and over.

How do you exactly find the coords? The admin command on the wiki doesnt work anymore. What is the new way of finding coords?

This map and a lot of guessing:

Wow that is super difficult. Can’t even copy and paste those coords. there you go