THE Admin

All about an anno- nice admin on Gmod.biZ,
It’s like a report.

*Nobody did really die. It’s all Film-Blood.

Creator: Hudson

i like the part where he tells you to turn around lol

Hehe, it’s not me, it’s hudson :wink:
I just posted it here. It’s filmed on my server.

o, it was funny either way


wat may was it btw?


Downtown, dukov.

Leetdude can you give me a heads-up before you post one of mine next time? Thanks.

Tought it was ok since you released it on youtube :wink:

that’s pretty nice

that one needs CS:S doesn’t it?

I’ve never tried it without CS:S so I woulden’t know, but I’ve seen mutliple players with texture issues relating to not having CS:S, so I presume you’re correct.

ya i just tried it. black and purple squares galore.

This is the exact reasons why rp servers suck ass. Why is gmod so attractive to annoying 12 year olds?

they like to watch us build our 2 hour contraptions then put a dumpster on it.

I think I’m the guy asking if I can get a vehicle XD

Then you sir have a sexy voice.


I lol’d at this video. xD

What was the reason you were kicked?

I was following him too much