The advance of the hackers....

Hey guys, I’m playing on German official 1 and and we have a huge problem with hackers there for meanwhile 1 week now.
Yeah you may say “thats nothing new”, but this problem has reached a new level now. 1 week ago you maybe got killed by them 1 time a day.
Today’s statistic: 1 hour of playing, got killed 13 times by 6 different hackers, result: I closed the game really annoyed… and I’m actually living in a low populated area.**

There is even a “Hackers Clan” now called “RusteClan” or something like that, and they are very proud of it. They are bragging with their hacks in chat without any fear…
I always report them, but it seems as it dosen’t have any effects…

So all in all, something has to be done, this situation is really frustrating for all fair players. (Yeah there are still some of them left…)
Please Dev-Team, change something!

first problem, playing on official servers. They are notorious for having hackers, find a community server that you are comfortable in and stick to it. Avoid official servers @ all costs. This isn’t a leeway for people to spam their server information either.

Yeah I expected this argument, but at first it can’t be the solution just to avoid official servers, and at second me and my friends are allready playing there for long time now, we have reached a lot, and we like the official “flair” and the long history of this server. So this can’t be the answer…

In my experience, and to my knowledge, hackers will ALWAYS exist.

Can game developers continue to try and stay on top of it? Yes.
Will they? Absolutely.
Are they, right now? I think the game being in alpha gives them a lot of other things to worry about.

What to do? Same as above, find, befriend, entrust, and depend on community servers. When you’re in a situation where nothing global can be done, retreat to a more localized setting.

Most of the new hackers popping up (really just script kiddies) are because they have been hacked themselves and are either seeking revenge or just a fair experience.

This seems to be the best solution and a good resumption of this thread: