The Advanced Colour Tool is broken

Since the December update came out, the Advanced Colour Tool no longer colors the individual materials of a model, it can only color entire models, prior to this update, i noticed that the Advanced Colour Tool was broken in the late stage of the dev and pre-release branches, so it’s definitely something that was changed in this update that broke it

So can anybody fix it? It’s a very useful tool, especially when paired with the Sub-Material tool

Have you asked the author?

Then why didn’t you report it then and there??

I don’t know who the original author is, the uploads on the workshop and Gamebanana are both re-uploads with no mention of who the original creator is

I assumed it was a necessary change that wasn’t going to be undone just because it broke someone’s addon that could always be fixed at a later point

That later point being after the update went public so that i could see if other people were experiencing the same thing, and hope that an LUA scripter out there who experiences this problem could fix it

Figured it out, all you have to do ( or the author / uploader of that addon ) is to replace line 178 of the tools code from


to this:


Another thing is that this tool has had problems with models with translucent materials, and this has always been an issue if i’m not mistaken

The normal G-Man model (gman.mdl, not gman_high.mdl) is apparently translucent in some way, so it doesn’t cast dynamic shadows, and you can’t color his materials individually, the same thing goes for the PHX models that have glass panes, they have transparent materials, so you can only color the entire model, even if it has other materials that aren’t translucent

So i guess the original creator never worked something out for that scenario, if it is possible to do something and make it so you can color the materials individually, even if the model is translucent or has a translucent material, that’d be appreciated