The Adventures Of Bill & Francis Episode 1 : Farmville

The Adventure starts in an abandoned town, at night 2 weeks after the first infection you will see that things are going well in this part of the world.

If any of you think this is a ripoff of Dizztah you can just leave this thread, he himself said it’s not a ripoff and he enjoys my work

Reminds me of Kitty0706’s works, has a similar chaotic theme.


The only thing I can really critique is that your framerate seems to be low sometimes.

I know, my old 8500 GT will be replaced this summer

I don’t remember that Tobcus episode. But the video was okay, it had some alright video effects tho.

That Tobuscus is priceless.

Alright now this was fucking hilarious, Im really looking forward to the next episode!

That deserves a winner. Seriously, awesome job!
When francis shoots the guy through the phone!

Thanks, it means alot. Also i am going to finish episode 2 THIS WEEKEND :smiley: if everything goes as planned…


I enjoyed it thoroughly, good job!

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