The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage: Chapter 3

It’s finally out! The third chapter of my ongoing Half-Life 2 comic series is out, bringing back the son of Colonel Cubbage, Hercule Cubbage himself.

I highly recommend you read the previous two chapters, as this one picks up from the cliffhanger of the second chapter. Also, please leave a reply whether you enjoyed the comic or not - hopefully you’ll be part of the former group!

Previous Chapters:

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It’s back.

Just plain fantastic.

A few things here and there that could be touched up a bit, but another quality release to the Saga.

Like what? I welcome criticism.

Well that certainly didn’t disappoint. Definitely the most well-paced, best-written and most interesting issue yet. You seemed to hit the right blend of narrative, dialogue and action, that’s very impressive.

It’s nice to see some good character development here with Hercule, showing a side of himself that isn’t 100% certain of what he knows. He’s been so headstrong to this point, it’s interesting to see a flicker of uncertainty and doubt from him. From what we know of Odessa he’s not a manipulative man by any means, but it makes sense that he may have embellished his own status in the eyes of his son in an aggressive and depressing age like this one - if anything to hopefully inspire him. Who knows, we’ll see where you’re going with it in time.

I think you wrote Alyx very well here and you obviously have an excellent grasp on her character. I could completely see this being canon in that regard, everything was handled with care and respect. The action toward the end of the comic was paced perfectly and had a very easy flow to it. Again you show editing as your greatest strength.

I don’t have any criticism to give here. The frame in the tunnel where all the characters were white was the only jarring bit, but if that’s the only thing that stood out to me then obviously there’s nothing to worry about. Hercule’s crossbow shot just after that was just… beautiful.

As a complete package this issue is probably my favourite GMod comic. It was a long wait, but it was worth it. This is a cut-above, no two ways about it. Exceptional work.

Good dialogue, good action. What’s not to like?

Another rock solid chapter, Mythos. Well done.

Awesome, i love how you managed to make it fit perfectly in HL2’s story.

Thank you, guys! By replies alone (and opinions expressed therein), it’s obviously not as much a success as “a Lonely Man”, but the support shown so far is very much appreciated.

Really like it. But as others have mentioned, the white outlines in that one scene are just not really fitting the rest of the comic.

And would have prefered the female have a bit more of a unique facemap as well.

There were though a few moments where I felt the faceposing was off - like when Alyx says thank you son of Odessa Cubbage.

I accept that the white silhouette scene may be a bit jarring, but there’s not much else I can say because, frankly, I don’t label it a mistake. I wanted to imply total darkness while they found the exit to the tunnel and I felt it worked. That’s not me being arrogant or anything, I understand it may feel weird and, if I was working on it still, maybe I’d find an alternative, but I still kinda like it myself.

As for the facemap, it’s actually slightly edited - it’s the Group02 face on the Group01 hair. I wouldn’t edit it further because, like I’ve said before, I want this comic as “vanilla” as possible, so I steer clear of major changes in the facemaps. Obviously Hercule is distinctive enough, but Lucy is a character you could easily imagine finding in Half-Life 2, which was the intention. She’s the ordinary girl in the extraordinary situation.

And regarding the faceposing, I did do my best but I humbly accept the criticism. Alyx is tough to facepose and Lucy’s model doesn’t give me many options. I do my best, but I probably don’t have as much practice as most of you guys.

That said, I really appreciate the criticism, though!

Congrats on another awesome chapter in Hercule’s adventure! Loved the attention to detail, such as the family photo. To be fair, I didn’t really start to think about it until after this comic.

Also, if my memory serves me well, didn’t the G Man talk to Odessa in HL2?

Funny you should mention the family picture. I always wondered just how that picture survived Black Mesa East to get back to Eli’s hands in White Forest - so I worked that into my own plot! I think it makes perfect sense that D0G was holding onto it for Eli. It also let me put in a very subtle emotional moment with Alyx earlier on.

And yes, the G-Man did talk to Odessa Cubbage in Half-Life 2. Will that matter to the comic? Well, anyone who’s read my blog may already have an idea…

This really needs more feedback. I know this forum has a lot of people interested in GMod comics, the recent discussion thread proved it. We need more of this series coming our way, it’s a fantastic advertisement for what’s still possible with GMod and comics. We just don’t see enough of them.

Honestly, this is just marvelous. Also any tips for someone who would love to try doing G-mod comics?

Thanks! And yeah, absolutely. I have an old tutorial online on how to do basic editing in Photoshop - I’ve learned some new tricks in the meantime, but in general that’s how I do my layouts.
The best tip I can give is that you practice and experiment a lot before completing your first few comics - nothing beats experience. Also, most importantly, remember to have fun!

Amazing stuff, as always.

Ah I guess it’s more of her being a named character, but essentially looking too much like another random background citizen if it makes sense.

Just sort of afraid that both her and Cubbage make it into a larger group of citizens it would be too hard to make her out at times. While a character can maintain being “just” a normal citizen, it never hurts to look unique.

I finally got the chance to read this, you did not disappoint. I can’t say much about it except for a few small things, the main one being the layout in this part:

From what I can see you were trying to convey a certain emotion for him with that setup to go along with what he was saying and to perhaps have the audience feel a certain emotion but to me I felt like that wasn’t quite the way to do so without sacrificing space, so to speak.

Besides that it was a great read, loved the action, the character development and I anxiously look forward to Chapter 4!