The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage: Chapter 5

This is it. The moment I’ve been building towards for two years. The end…

Previous Chapters:

Sometime in the past, Hercule Cubbage, the son of Colonel Odessa Cubbage, failed to save a team of rebels from his home, New Little Odessa. Feeling that he had failed to live up to his father’s name, he left the Coast and made his way to City Seventeen, to live in exile.

Recently, Hercule thought his father was in danger and set off on a journey home, accompanied by a refugee from the Canals called Lucy. On the way, he met Alyx Vance, who was heading to Nova Prospekt in order to rescue her father Dr. Eli Vance. Meeting Alyx led Hercule Cubbage to an epiphany: his father may have lied to him his enitre life.

Now, Hercule and Lucy have arrived at New Little Odessa, only to find the remains of a destroyed Combine Synth…

… of the beginning.

Exactly 100 pages in and we’ve just reached the middle of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage! The rest of the series - four more chapters, to be more precise - will follow the exploits of Hercule Cubbage and co. (including some brand new faces) during the Uprising of City Seventeen. I’ll have more to say about it soon.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, please consider leaving a reply with your opinion.

I loved the layout using the antlion outlines, that was fantastic, your pacing is good, although i feel it is a bit rushed, such as the fighting, you didn’t leave much room for us to see what was actually going on. The posing is good, and I loved, and still do, Hercule’s texturing. I can’t wait for Chapter 6!

This part allways reminds me Starship troopers.
Nice movie, nice work Mythos.

Thanks for the feedback! I actually see your point well, I wasn’t too sure of the final pages and even asked a friend for criticism, but in the meantime had a terrible day and decided to just release it. I keep chapters to 20-page limits and basically opted to focus on the emotional aspects, leaving me with little space for the final action sequence. I hope that hurdle doesn’t ruin the rest of it, though!

Thanks for your reply as well, Wizy!

Great job as usual Mythos. You impress me with your layout editing.

Hope to see more of Hercule’s exploits!

The way you did the nade toss coming through the pic to get a 3d effect was quite brilliant! I liked it very much. A very professional layout style.

Excellent Comic!

I really liked the layout of the panel when Hercule and Odessa reunite. It really emphasizes the character development since Hercule left.

Looking forward to the events during the slow teleport at nova prospekt.

Since you mentioned it, here’s a fun fact: that’s an actual live grenade thrown in-game. I had to edit the picture a bit, of course, but only slightly! All I did was blur the background, isolate the grenade and edit my playermodel out.

Also, thanks!

The editing, the layout…its better than sex. Fantastic work sir!

Fantastic editing. Glad to see you’re still pluggin away at this.

Thanks, guys! Sorry I keep posting replies, but I’m gonna be away tomorrow so I’m taking the chance to show my gratitude.

I’m also really happy with the reactions to the editing, but I wonder if the story wasn’t up to par given the few mentions. I’ve been told by someone who knows his stuff well that it was “quite touching”, and I hope you felt the same, as this was what I’ve been building towards for 2 years. Lots of effort in character development from my amateurish end, so I hope it paid off emotionally! The story’s the sole reason I’m still plugging away at this, like Striker said.

Also, like I mentioned, I have something extra to post regarding the future of the series. Probably will post it later tomorrow or Tuesday, so please stick around! It’s not just text, it’s got an image in the making since early 2013 that I’m dying to share!

Absolutely fantastic work, Mythos.

You always leave me wanting, Mythos. Wonderful work as usual, my only hopes is you continue to deliver.

As I said, I have a few more words to say about the comic, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

First things first, though: this is a screenshot section, so here’s an image in the making since February 2013 (I re-edited it very slightly earlier this year). Although I give a cover to each chapter, I consider this the cover to the whole comic:

I also have a wallpaper version. I don’t expect much use for it but here you go:


Finally, I’ve been saying for ages this is a comic I’d planned entirely, but I’ve been holding onto some info to avoid spoilers. Well, having finished the return to N.L.O. story that’s been going on since Chapter 1, I feel like it’s time to show my hand.

I’ve called these “chapters” for 2 things: one, it’s appropriate for a comic so faithful to HL2, as well as the pacing of the series; two, the comic was never intended to be an ongoing series, but more like a short mini-series. There’s very few “issues” and it’s a story with a beginning, a middle and an end. This was the middle.
The series only has 4 more chapters to go. They’ll be following Hercule’s exploits back in City 17 during the Uprising, accompanied by Lucy, George and, of course, the inimitable Colonel Odessa Cubbage. Chapters 6, 7 and 8 will be 20 pages long as usual, and I expect Chapter 9, the finale, to be 40 pages. Which means the whole adventure will be 200 pages long!

It will probably still take ages to finish it, but at least now you know I’ve always had a plan. At this rate, I actually think it might be one of the very few GMod comic series to actually have an ending. Hopefully by that point it will have become someone’s favorite, hah.

Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you like the series cover (and wallpaper) and please, keep replying and tagging so the comic stays afloat. It would make me so happy. And thanks for all the support shown so far!

Great work as always Mythos! Your commitment to seeing the series through to the end is a major inspiration to me. I was curious to see how you would approach the father-son conflict, and you didn’t disappoint. However I wasn’t expecting them to hug it out so quickly–it felt a bit rushed. But then again we’ve got four chapters left so we’ll see where you go with it. Great job overall, and your editing gets more innovative with each passing issue!

Just curious, is that a custom skin or do you photoshop his moustache on in every panel?

It’s a custom skin I made back in 2011, and the moustache is not the only unique thing about it if you look carefully. So is Lucy’s, although hers is very subtle in its differences because I wanted her to look like the average refugee. Colm’s was as well (in Chapter 4), whereas Martin used a vanilla facemap from a different model (Group03m’s in Group03, IIRC). It sounds absurdly technical but it’s really not.

Also, there’s a few new faces coming in the next chapters using custom skins as well. All meant to look quite vanilla (as in, like they were lifted straight from HL2), but one in particular is drastically unique, and I expect that character to become a fan-favourite too. The new charactwrs have been planned from the start and each brings something new and unique to the series. If you think the HL2 setting has been done to death, wait till you get a load of 'em!

This is what comics are all about. Thrilling story, cool effects and a god damned cliffhanger that makes you hunger for more.

Well done!

Been meaning to comment on this but wanted to read it a few times first.

You always surpass the expectations that you set with each episode. The editing in this episode is quite ambitious and you made it look great. I really love the grenade edit and the antlion silhouettes, both are very creative.

As it’s been mentioned it felt a little rushed in part, but it didn’t really take away anything overall.

I am excited to see what you have in store for the next 4 Chapters. Keep up the great work.

The wait was worth every bit of this comic. Your layout and page edits are superbly clean and very professional looking and probably one of the best, comic book-looking GMod comics still out here.

Your cliffhanger is going to kill me because I eagerly await the next chapter of the story!

Fantastic job Mythos. Always a favorite!