The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage: Chapter Six

Hey! I haven’t been around Facepunch much for a while now, but seeing as I released the fifth chapter on Facepunch way back in 2014 (I’m not gonna bother explaining why it’s been 3 years since the last one), I figured I’d release the sixth here too if anyone is still interested.

If you never read the comic before, or have read it but it’s been a while, I highly recommend (re-)reading Chapters One to Five. Chapter Six starts a whole new arc but it’s not really a good jumping on point.

Previous Chapters:

Hope you enjoyed that! Cue the comments saying this is “old-school”, I already got those 3 years ago and I purposefully haven’t changed the comic’s style at all for consistency and it looks like vanilla Half-Life 2 on purpose.

Let me know what you think!

I like the style! Nice to see you back. Great comic. I think the old school layout looks really good if you have the darkened version of facepunch so the white outline stands out better overall as if you are reading a pdf comic.

Thanks, Crazy Knife! It’s good to be back.

Amazing work!

this is really nice. I read through the previous chapters and I like the way you’re weaving the events of HL2 with your comic.

the style really takes me back

This takes me back to the days where the Comics section was a thing.

Swank work.

Excellent work as usual, Mythos. It makes me really happy to see you still publishing stuff.

Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it. Hopefully I’ll have something new for you that doesn’t take three years to come out.