the adventures of moderator man issue 01 - crap vs doug: the final battle

based on a true story

Stay tuned for issue 02 when crap defeats the army of altimor!`~


Dergon doNGs.

wow ok my name is trademarked, see you court

hope you can afford the lawyers :xd:

rofl yeah :xd:

did someone say dergon

ahahaha zed

10/10 great comic

stay tuned kiddies

pizza makes everything better.

Help us!


Quit spamming in my thread please…

moderator please help this beggar…

I like dERGON dONGs.

The comedy has turned to the pathetic. Two mods posted here (alright one of then was a recruit) yet nothing has been done.

This comic is absolute


, the jokes are


, the makers are absolute


, that shit would have been granted by a mother fucking ban months ago, why the sudden change in attitude? This section is not some kind of fucking trashcan or fucking toilets. If to you it is, then fucking flush it, get ride of all the poo, do not encourage them or fucking laugh at their shit while ignoring what we’re asking for the beggining :



I mean, just seeing them is already annoying enough, now you’re supporting this? Come on, seriously, this is a joke, some kind of hallucination, garry must have spilled some coke in the airvents of the office.

umm I worked really hard on my comic
take a chill pill ok

No, will chill when we’ll be done with you.

wow dont be so rude sorry that we dont have 2000 hours in garrys mod and dedicate ourselves to making poses with dolls

so rude…

stop trolling please…