The advice thread!

Hello populance of the rust sub-section.
I decided to make this type of thread since I will purchase a key in the near future,
But obviously I will be very new to the game, and so are the 100-200 new players each day.

So the point of this is.
What are your suggestions in game?
How can you play the game to fully enjoy it?
How do you avoid any exploits that are currently discovered but not fixed?

What are the most important things?
And things you should avoid until being more skilled in game?

Any type of feedback is accepted, if you get spammed by boxes it ain’t my responsability and you ashould feel bad for posting bad stuff.

Sorry all I focused on was the cookie o.o Gimme!

No but really…

I find this game much more enjoyable when playing with my friend, Building a smaller base then go out hunting together , it also ups your survival chance too.

Don’t approach anyone since 90% of the players just want to kill you why?, Because they can!
Don’t build close to others. Stay indoors during the day at your campfire, go out hunting during the night. Don’t open doors or move around inside your house when anyone is nearby.

You could start off with trying the PvE server to understand the basics first. Then go for the PvP rape-fest

You will die a couple of times as a fresh spawn in the start. Try to find a place with decent amount of animals and some log spawn piles away from big houses, or just get lots of mats and move out of the area and only go there when you need to gather food and etc.

You don’t really notice the exploits atm, only if you look for them.

What are your suggestions in game? I suggest that you try and stay away from other players and try going to the farther corners of the map. Also plan your base so its far enough away from resources that people will not bother you, yet you only have like say a 5 minute walk to them. Playing with a friend is much more enjoyable, that and you should never smelt/cook at night. You will be a glowing blip for everyone to raid.
How can you play the game to fully enjoy it? Do not be afraid to die, its much less fun if every time you here a gunshot you just log out or if you see someone you just quit. You will die, its part of the game so don’t be hard on yourself.
How do you avoid any exploits that are currently discovered but not fixed? What the guy above me said.

What are the most important things? Most important things to get are a base, armor, and a gun. Without those you will stand little to no chance against the majority of players.
And things you should avoid until being more skilled in game?

Thank you for the kind reply,
And here. Have this reward.

My advice - grab a friend.
It’s more fun that way. And safer.

Welcome to the community of Rust players :slight_smile:
Do note that you should creep and move quietly as much as possible,you don’t wanna attract unnecessary attentions.
Black Zombies kill you in 2 hit,while Red Zombies in 3 or 4
Yes,play in PvE servers to understand and learn the game :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of your advice, But I think I would rather play in PvP at first.
It would be more fun, being afraid of loosing your items, trying to save them and making a small shack.

It’s all the fun of the game.

In my opinion the PvE server is forplayers who are interested in the building part more than the survival part, I am not one of them so I don’t think I will even be using the PvE server :slight_smile:

PvE has alot of raiders too actually.
Although the worst of the worst are definetly on the PvP servers, PvE servers get abused for the fact that people can’t shoot the raider.
So they come in broad daylight, blow your door while you can do very little but stand there and watch it happen.

We also have people on the PvE server who take great pleasure in placing a wooden shelter + door over new players so they are locked in.

Idiots are just a part of any online community I’m afraid.

Before you start building a house, make a shack not too far from where you will begin building.

klans10 got banned for a month, so I wouldn’t rush to give him lots of tips, guys.

That being said, other people might be looking for advice.