The After Shock - Infection Roleplay []

Hello again, you might have seen our old server advert but here is the new one.
No, this is not the same server or gamemode.
After we saw how many openAura servers there were, we decided to use something more unique as a gamemode. I’m not the owner of this community, i’m just a special helper.


[release]The Server

  • We are aiming at serious but unrestricted roleplaying experience, create a character that fits the canon of the server and develop it how you want to.

  • We are combining active and passive roleplay, major actions by another characters will push the story forward.

  • The gamemode is Tiramisu made by Big Bang aka * Fnox*, big thanks to him for helping and
    creating this gamemode, also thanks to LuaBanana for creating the original CakeScript.

  • Special Thanks to Davebrown from TacoNBanana and Disseminate from NecropolisRP for giving us a permission to use some of their content and maps.

  • There are regular events which usually have an effect to the development of the main story.
    The story never really stays still, it always goes forward.

  • Remember that the server is still BETA and it might take a while get it working fully functionally.

  • We have a fast download, although here is the link for the content pack:[/release]



“serious but unrestricted roleplaying experience”

If you could be so kind to actually follow this, I would definitely play! :smiley:
Not saying you aren’t doing it, just telling you to do it. By the way.

This looks pretty nice, will join whenever I have time, also I think that “Serious but unrestricted” means that you don’t have to worry about admins forcing you to do stuff and such.

Exactly. There is no one special way to roleplay correctly. We accept any kind of roleplaying as long as it stays serious.

For the first time in about 6-7 months, I’m gonna try a GMod serious RP server again.

Lets see if there’s any hope.

Looks quite fun and I’ll be trying it, but the storylines of these servers always make me laugh lol


And then the apocalypse happened.

To be honest, Storyline was made in hurry, but now we have a plot that has been planned for weeks.

Honestly this is a excellent server, I love it.

Thank you, also i apologize the situation of last night. Two admins got abusive, but they are now banned.

I have not gotten a chance to try this yet, but from what I can see it really (and I mean really) reminds me of NecropolisRP. Did you take some good pointers from them? The RP looks like it’s in great shape and high quality as well.

EDIT: Mehhhh forget I said anything. Tiramisu is pretty cool and it’s significantly different from Necro. At least I can expect the roleplaying to be just as good, though. :buddy:

Thanks, also ignore the storyline for now, better plot is currently being written.

Is the content pack being put up soon? Loading is taking pretty long for me. I’ll try again though.

Yeah, it will be up today.

Is this serious?


Uhm, yes? Read the thread.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should. :buddy:

Great server, have not been in a good RP server for a while.

This looks pretty cool, when I get time, I am going to join it.

Oh god I’ve been downloading files for an hour plus now, I hope people are in it when I join.

It looks great I hope to catch people on and see how it goes.