The Age of Wrath

Oh look, another song inspired picture by me.

Inspired by everything by Månegarm, but specifically the song Vredens Tid (The Age of Wrath).

the heck is with that vignetting?

What about it?

why is one corner of the picture completely black? looks dumb. and on the side where the lighting is coming from of all places. no idea why you felt that was necessary

Oh, that’s a fence. It’s in the foreground right next to the camera.

The colour of the fog doesn’t really match.

i like it. maybe because i haven’t played garry’s mod in a year or so

The angle is kinda wierd. Nice posing.

What color do you suggest it be?

And thanks for crits guys. Keeps me fresh.

I like it, but everything else people said.

what map is that?

Looks like a scenebuild.

excellent use of fog to add depth

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fuck the haters, the angle and vignetting own. it’s like we’re watching this scene of horror from under a cart or something, too terrified to run.

good work all round

Looks like a Resistance & Liberation map