The Agnaktor


About one hour in photoshop.

at first i thought the tree was shoved into the dragons neck
im liking the effort youve put into removing that cubemap error, very nice editing there along with the background sky

though the volcano looks too blurry, usage of super dof against the entire background would have helped ease the volcano’s blurriness into the pic

and also, a more zoomed in angle would have looked nicer

Too much wasted space.

That model blows. Sorry :\

You made a good effort is fixing some of the most glaring errors with the picture, the problem is, that even so the base you worked off of was awful.

I think you would have had a much better result, if instead of an hour in photoshop, you would have spent an hour in gmod and made the pose itself look good without any editing at all.

Break up the scenes repeated textures, add more dribbles of stuff in areas, use lights to correctly pull out your models into the foreground and set your graphics to the max. If gmod won’t allow it, do so in the ati or nvidia control panel.

So all in all - very good effort, but sadly spent in the wrong place.

It’s actually good that you’ve shown us the original, because we can actually see you put effort into this. But as a base rule - don’t use an image editor until you are comfortable with the picture looking good coming out of gmod. (unless you have an amazing idea which needs editing but that’s another matter)