"The airborne kicks ass!"

or “Airborne solider shooting his 2 colts at a SS-Officer while jumping backwards”



non-faceposable and badly rigged models FTW

WWII Max Payne style.

I’m not going to make any emotion whilst I shoot you, aw haw!

Awesome. :3:

He’s a freaking cold blooded, asskicking airborneranger, don’t expect him to show any emotion ever!

Pretty good. Nothing bad to say about it.

It’s a little too blurry for my taste, although I understand why you made it like that. Apart from that, great picture.

Very good editing! This should be the DoD background :stuck_out_tongue:

The blood’s a bit bright, and the posing on the jumping guy looks a little odd, but otherwise :krad2:

Hehe American airborne with British Weblys.

Yea, just about to say, this isn’t a Colt pistol 8).