The Alliance of Valiant Arms Pack: EU Force Pack.

US - ACU Skin - Reskined by ckdgus8140

US - Three Colours Desert Camo (Fixed) - Reskined by ddok1994

UK - Reskined by ddok1994

France - Reskined by ddok1994

Germany - Reskined by ddok1994

US - Woodland - Reskined by ddok1994

US - A-Tacs - Reskined by ddok1994


Original Models, Textures - Red Duck Inc.
Original Models, Textures Ripping - chl0407
Hex - chl0407
Reskin - ckdgus8140 and ddok1994

Download Link:

About 80 Ragdolls Included.

NBC Unit fix + NRF Force:

NRF Reskined by ddok1994

Oh wow awesome!
Great to see you released these!

Sweet man, nice to get some new stuff to use.

Those models are really fucking sexy, nice job!

Damn that’s nice! Downloading.

80 ragdolls? O_O


Really nice actually.

What about Russian soldiers?Will you add them?

already uploaded then. check out NBC fix + NRF pack

Great comrade,you deserving a medal.

Never heard this game before.

A.V.A! you made it!

Nice, real nice.

wow, Really Nice. AvA is a fun game, even though i got the Blue Screen from it. Im pretty sure it was that Game-guard thing

Which idiots rated ddok dumbs?

these look so nice! good job!

they would be awesome as player models for css!

probably the suck-ups who still hate the game.

Fix that French flag. Cool models!

cool models! but u should change the ragdoll so it can be posed better. but still this is sexy as hell!

I don’t really like the game that much, myself, but the models are great! Recently, though, I haven’t been able to download anything from filefront. I’ve tried every way I can think of but still no luck. Do you think you might be able to host them on another website, ddok?

Tried it again and it worked! I haven’t done anything different so I guess it was a problem on filefront’s end. Again, great models. Thanks for these. (: