The allmighty First Person view, Garry's mod competition V2

Winner is now announced

And here’s the verdict from the judges:

me: I don’t think I’ve seen anything this original ever, and I can’t really remember seeing something done as genious as this.

ChestyMcGee: “It’s so much more original than the other entries and masterfully well executed.”

The Vman: “The mirror, and the accuracy between the first person view and the reflected view is what really sells this one. Along with a really nice and original idea, and excellent execution.”

The winner for this months competition is


Congratulations :slight_smile:
Hopefully Amnesia will scare the shit out of your pant’s as much as it does in mine :wink:

(Yes, I will hopefully hold a monthly competition)

Wait, hold on…

You’ve made a second topic about- Oh wait. Different Due date.

Thank you! I was freaking out because… well never mind why.

Domino’s Mind: “Only a few people put there pictures in… Oh well, v2!”

I assume you won’t accept pictures from the first attempt, do you ?
If not, I propably won’t participate again.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the possability for a second attempt, I really do and it shows very good sportsmanship from you.
However, I worked an entire week on my contribution and the meer fact, that I got laid due to the f#@king server issues, ticked me off.

I feel like I lack the energy to do something completly different again from scratch.
So, unless you’ve got gracious heart or I get a sparkling Inspiration, I might lay low.

Who knows ?
Maybe I inspired some folks to lay off of Facepunch’s 4 “Gs” and think outside of the box. :biggrin:
In that case, I’m not even requirred. :buddy:
(It was the only purpose, why I participated to begin with.)

yay, a v2

Allright, let’s do it this way then; pictures from the last thread are welcome aswell :slight_smile:
And don’t think of this as a v2, more like an extended v1

More like; holy fuck… Stop whining allready geeez… I’ll extend the date… Happy now?

Took you long enough to reconsider the fact that we had schools to deal with.

Well, I study aswell, and I got a job… If I was to enter this as a third person, I still would have made it.
Let’s try something… I’ll make a new screenshot aswell, and see if I can come up with something original :wink:

I still don’t really understand the deviation from the established method of contests, where everyone was just allowed to post their pictures in the thread and everything posted is judged at the end. It was more fun to see everyone’s entries as they came in, allowed for a lot more discussion, and was, as far as I can tell, much more functional.

Re-read the op people

So this time around you can post the pics in the thread before the deadline?

Presumably he meant the original one you ran

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I might give this a go though.


Hey, Kick-Ass, Dude. Thank you :love:
I’ll submit it later on but this time, I’ll make sure it gets in on time. :biggrin:

Two versions of this picture, pick your fav;


If that’s an entry, then you’re a week early. Domino said in the OP Sunday the 20th.


New date limit, able to post pics directly instead of posting the ending the day. Suddenly, contest was awesome. Will participate.

awesome :3

I really hope people deliver something.

Oh, my bad. If only there was a “bad reading” rating, then I’d rate myself.