The Amazing Adventures of Ted - Episode 1: Cooking

Yeah. I bet you guys were enjoying all the oldies coming back, weren’t you? Well, that unfortunately means I’m coming back, too (or I’m trying to, anyways).

I’ll save the monologue for later. For now, enjoy the comic.

Like always, have to right-click the comic and View Image.

Fun Facts: (Bandwagons are cool)
[ul][li]I didn’t notice Jim’s hands were black until about halfway through taking the screens for the comic. I had to fix them for the facepalm, because my OCD was twitching out by that point.
[/li][li]This is actually a rehash of a joke I made in a comic three years ago. I bet none of you even remember the joke, let alone the comic title. I know I can’t remember the title of it.[/ul]
As you’ve probably noticed by now, the banner includes three people, while this comic only involves two. That’s because the third character will be introduced in a later issue - probably the second one.

Criticism appreciated, as always. :smile:

Silly Jim, you put cerial in the OVEN

Keep at it man, work on posing and speechbubbles are my only gripes.

Very few have actual series out nowadays :confused:

Haha, TED!

What exactly do you think I need to work on, for both posing and the speech-bubbles?

Thanks everyone, by the way. I’m kinda glad the comics section has mellowed out - these are the nicest (and most) comments I’ve ever had for a comic I made. :buddy:

Well the speech bubbles and text don’t need to be that large, also the speech bubble tails shouldn’t be that close to the speaking characters mouths.

As for the posing, it seems a bit rigid. Any doubts, make whatever you’re posing in real life and look in the mirror…do they match up? (as much as you can with videogame ragdolls.)

Really nice comic, and what striker said.
And regarding the speechbubbles, the tails just have to point at the characters head, mouth preferbably, but the tails doesn’t have to be long at all

You don’t even COOK cereal, you freaking idiot!

Really niceee!

I remember you.

You put cereal in the freezer, not the microwave!

Again, thanks to everyone whose posting comments. They really mean a lot to me. :smile:

And in case anyone is thinking this is already dead, rest assured that it is not. I’ve been wanting to make the second episode for the past four or five days now, but I simply haven’t had the time.

I’ll try and get something done this weekend, but I’m pretty pressed for time, so no promises. :shobon:

Hehe I liked the middle joke.