The Amazing Adventures of Ted - Episode 2: Neighbors

Sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve had the script written up for this one for almost a week now, but I’ve simply had no time to do it. The actual posing and editing was done over a span of three days.

Enough complaining, though. Hope you enjoy.

Fun Facts:
[ul][li]The original script for this was about three times as long, but I decided that would make it too long; therefore, the third installment will be the continuation of this episode.
[/li][li]I have up to episode 5 planned out, so don’t expect this to die out any time soon!
[/li][li]The restriction of ragdolls in Source are frustration. In real life I can lick my foot (or at least kick myself in the nose). In Source, what you see here is the extent of what I can do. Though that’s okay, since I intended to make him fail at it anyways.[/ul]
As always, comments, criticisms, etc. are appreciated. :buddy:

haha, the it happens to the best of us ted, trying to impress the girl only making us look foolish, been there

Gave me a chuckle.

Haha, awesome.