The Amazing Spider-Man Models (Also extra skins from SN) to be Ported to Garry's Mod

So Kritter converted The Amazing Spider-Man models of Sam Raimi Black, Future Foundation, Spider-Morphisis, Big Time, Negative Zone, The New Black Suit, and The Default Costume, and we need
this to ported.

These files include the all different costumes from TASM, Kritter found it on a GTA SA Russian website, so he converted the model, I ripped the textures, and SN made some skins for it.

It includes a black suit skin for the spider-belt and morphisis suit, a Negative zone Raimi suit, 3 bonus mod costumes, textures that can be used to make the webs on the Raimi suits shiny, textures to make the spider and eyes on the default ASM suit shiny, two classically colored skins for the negative zone suit, an orange version of the big time suit, it includes all the (correct) models of the suits from the game, and it has 3 bonus mod skins (though with orange normals, for two of them), Also, whoever does it, i suggest making the black suits for the raimi and ASM movie costumes just skingroups of the red and blue versions.

And of course, bodygroup the belt for the default ASM one

But anyway If someone can port it please PM AaronM202 so he can tell you what to skingroup.

Also the picture was supposed to have their normals, and textures on, but Kritters 3d max wasn’t working. So that’s why it has no textures on the picture.

Where did you find Bonus skins?

Thanks for the dumb icon Gmgregster, and Faraon_ZzZ

It’s just a rating, dude. It’s not a big deal.