The Amazing Spider-Man Ragdolls (and web-rope texture?)

I was just hoping if someone could port atleast these models for Garrysmod
-Black Cat
-Gwen Stacy
-Dr. Connors
-The Lizard
-Stan Lee of course :3
And could someone make a rope-texture out of this game’s webbing texture?
I’d really appreciate it
Thanks! :downs:

I want this so bad. Spider-Man is amazing.

C’mon guys, please?
Just Spider-Man and I’ll looooove yoooou:dance:

What about spider-mans alternate costumes?

I’d love those as well but I didn’t wanna nag for everything.
But hey, just Spider-Man + few costumes alone and I’d shed a tear

I hope someone can port these models, and then I can finally start my movie.

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Here are the costumes

And also this badass one

What happened to the model request section?

Missing atleast Rami’s “Classic” costume up there I see

And I’m not sure, I just made two of these posts, on in here; Garrysmod Discussion and one in Mods and Addons