The Amazing Spider-Man Ragdolls (GAME)<-I see I need to specify that

Am I really the only one who wants this?
I was just hoping if someone could port atleast these models for Garrysmod;
-Spider-Man of course :3
-Black Cat
-Gwen Stacy
-Dr. Connors
-The Lizard
-Stan Lee
Even if it’s just Spider-Man him self, I will shed a tear and I will love you.
And could someone make a rope-texture out of this game’s webbing texture?
That would be really cool and I’d appreciate it
Thanks! :dance:

You should have put [Request] in front of your title.

He put request in the tags though


I want that web-head model… and Stan Lee to. Supported.

I think I should get first dibbs;
I could make oooooone SEXY promo-pic :smiley:

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And I support my wants, that should be enough motivation right?
Now hop to it

I’d love all the Spidey costumes from the game, I’ve not played the game myself yet though :stuck_out_tongue:

Both Raimi suits (Red&Blue + Black Suit)
Default Suit (belt)
Movie Vigilante Suit
Beltless Suit
Big Time suit
Negative Zone Suit
Scarlet Spider 2012 Suit
Spider-Morphosis Suit
Future Foundation Stealth Suit
Movie Black Suit (white webs, black everything else, red web firing hole)

And all of them can wear a birthday hat.

It’s out on PC in August, so we should see models then.

Why should someone who spends time on stuff randomly give you what you want?

And if supporting was enough then every request here would get fulfilled. And don’t tell people to “hop to it”, you don’s deserve anything.

Here are some pictures of the costumes.

Here are the costumes

And also the new black suit.

And also the Classic Suit a.k.a Tobey Maguire’s suit
couldn’t find any pictures like that.

I was being an ass.
I wasn’t serious.

-snip, wrong thread-

-snip, I’m a fucking idiot-

I wonder why the lenses are yellow
In the new movie, the leses were his sunglass’, they were black but highly reflective
And in Rami’s “Trilogy” they were a silverish color
It doesn’t bother me that much, they look really cool, but would that be an easy change?

Also if someone does port the model, Can they just leave the size the way it is, because for example, S-Low made Venom from Web of Shadows too short.

Well for all we know this game could be built on a smaller scale like the other one,
Let’s just hope they know to make his size relative to all the other models we get
(Pete’s 6’2 now because of Andrew)


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I know but in the comics his height is 5’10".

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Its really weird posing Spider-Man when he is the same size as venom

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I’m saying 5’10" is good enough for a teenage Spider-Man

Can this just be the Spider-Man thread? Like all Spidey Stuff here?
It can be called “The Web” :smiley:

Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Time, Web of Shadows, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Amazing, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Friend or Foe

Lots of Spider-Man out there…

In the meantime there’s This:

Should whet some appetites.

Yay its the Scarlet Spider suit! I love that suit. I’d very much love these and the suits from Shattered Dimensions. Well… all apart from the 1602 spidey anyway. I’m not too sure why I’d want these models… but I wouldn’t know until I get them lol I’m sure I’d find a purpose for them.

I hope that if the movie series goes for the venom story that its the classic black spiderman suit rather than the raimi black spidey suit. So much cooler right? :stuck_out_tongue: Also, J.K. Simmons needs to play JJJ again.