The Amazing Spider-man SM models

TASM models from PC game

.obj format

Latex buldges with superpowers

This is gonna be a good week

I already ripped all the skin suits two days ago (exception of Scarlett suit)

So you could upload it earlier. I extracted models week ago but thanks for dump icon.

I already uploaded it yesterday

Oh, Look Original Future fondation suit

Good release though

You did something wrong, the raimi suit has the wrong eyes.

Also, i uploaded my pack of the textures from the game in the models/skins hacks wip thread, it includes bonus skins and shit to add effects to them.

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Use these textures instead.

It includes the models, just replace your OP link with this, since it also contains the correct raimi suit model.

The raimi suit isn’t even in the pack. Use I and Aarons’s pack instead

Ours includes a black suit skin for the spider-belt and morphisis suit, a negative zone raimi suit, 3 bonus mod costumes, textures that can be used to make the webs on the raimi suits shiny, textures to make the spider and eyes on the default ASM suit shiny, two classically colored skins for the negative zone suit, an orange version of the big time suit, it has the right models for the suits, and it has 3 bonus mod skins.

My download is superior in every way.

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Dont rate me dumb when you KNOW im right, GMgregster.

kamillo, are you going to port this to XNALara? Since TRDaz is taking a long time?

Yes, im right, GMgregster.

How about you post and explain why you supprt kamillos inferior link.

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And you have yet to explain why.

AaronM202 - if there’s any problem so tell me, I can describe method how to extract models and you do it on your own and replace link on your models. Man wanted to share and hang a ropes on him.

Its the fact that you’re dumbing me and kritter because we have something better than what you linked thats annoying me.

I think that people will notice 2 links and they decide what’s better. Just like I said I give you a chance to approve yourself but if you have nothing inteligent to say then go away.

Alright, you want to know why I support his post/release? Because he wasn’t stupid to just post it in the spiderman thread, where not a lot of people look in. You should have made a release thread for the models/textures for others to see, than post it where very few, and the same people come to look and see if there’s anything new. Not everyone looks at that thread, you know. You do know that, right? Plus that you guys are acting immature over this, because he did the right thing to do, he released it with his own thread, so people can see it, and not in a request thread, where the same people who “Support” the thread, but don’t do anything else about it, because they have no knowledge on porting.

You see, you may be right, your models/skins could be the best, HD quality, but you guys were dumb enough to release it in a request thread, and not in the modeling section so everyone can see it.

I’m pretty sure Aaron and Kritter are going to be the only ones rating me dumb, “because they know I’m right.” Happy? Did you love my reply?

I should let you know Limit1d is doing the request thread.

Also, thats not a request thread, its WIP thread where people who usually do ports and model hacks go to show their stuff, and its dumb to link those there…how?

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Unless you’re talking about kritters post, but hey, im not kritter, am I?

Hmm… I wonder what tools have you used to get the models? I would love to know that in order to try to rip some more models from Marve Ultimate alliance and Marvel Ultimate alliance 2. :slight_smile: Good job on those. Thanks for the share.

Edit: I wonder… some of the models are in *.tpf file format… That format is not familiar to me… how should i open it?

Yes I am talking about Kritters post, but also talking about you as well. Didn’t base my post on just Kritter though, which makes me think you didn’t bother to read my post carefully.

-Kritter didn’t bother to post his release in a new thread.

-Kritter is trying to get OP to cry and leave Facepunch, but he’s doing a terrible job at it, telling him to replace his own link with his own pack, and to use your textures.

-You say your download is pretty much ‘the shit’ when really, no one gives a fuck. The models section isn’t a competition to see who’s textures are good or bad. You should have known this by now.

-And you’re acting immature, like he knew all about you posting textures in the WIP thread, and felt like posting his own, but that brings me back to what I said before “not everyone looks in other threads.”

To me, it sounds like you’re trying to start a flame war, I may be wrong, but if I’m not, then I don’t want to even waste my time.

Not his fault he posted models and textures from the game(Not all textures, but still) and made a thread about it.

I think Kamil used GameAssassin.