The American Football Dream(Sign-Up)

Oops, seems as if the coach doesn’t have any players yet, maybe you fellow Facepunchers can help out?
You can help by posting the following format into this thread, or send me message with the following:

Name(no usernames):
Position on team:
Athletic stats:
Speed( on a scale of 10 if trying to be a position on the offense or be a safety):
Link to skin:

Positions available

Quarterback:Taken by me
Widereciever/Reciever/Tightend: Not taken
Fullback/Halfback/Runningback: Not taken


Safety:Not Taken
Defensive Back:Not Taken

If you need information on the positions look below:

** Information of positions:**


Quarterback throws the ball.
Recievers/Tightends catch the ball.
Fullbacks/Halfbacks/Runningbacks have the ball handed off to them or pitched and run.


Safety tries to intercept, or steal the ball from the widereciever, if the widereciever catches the ball the Safety is relied on to tackle the widereciever.

I don’t want this thread to die because I was hoping that this idea would be pretty epic if I worked on it hard enough, it’s going to be a serious comic about football players with twists and other things happening.
If you want to look at my latest comic that’s a bit racial, go to the following link:

Please post, message me about the comic or anything and I’ll be glad to answer the questions.I really want this to turn out to be a epic comic, but I can’t do that without your help.
If you have any other questions about the sport or anything just contact me.
Oh and if anybody could please make me some football helmets and gear, if so it would be really appreciated.

Name(no usernames): lama lord
Age: 90
Position on team: cheerleader
Athletic stats: i sit on my ass all day playin’ some vido gams
Speed( on a scale of 10 if trying to be a position on the offense or be a safety):

WHAT 9000?!

I guess I can do this for the lulz.

Name: Ram
Age: 15, baby!
Position on team: Hmmm… I guess I can catch…
Athletic Stats: Okay I guess
Speed: 7

I’ll go gor the lulz,too.
Use the Velociraptor model from the Dinosaur Model pack for my “avatar” in this thing if you accept me.
Athletic Stats:Can jump really high. I can maul people I guess.

I forgot to add, if you could please link your skins too, that would be helpful.

Can I be the towel boy? Football not my thing. If not…

Name: Jack [Brant =D]
Age: ??
Position: Full/Half/Running back [ I don’t really care]
AS: N00b that can run like hell
Speed: 7
For model, either use combine soldier [regular] or the model I used for my character Jack in Gordon’s Guards.

I guess I’ll join.

Name: Mikfoz
Age: 112
Sex: Male
Athletic stats:
Speed: 10
Link to skin:

I made the skin so whatever

position:Full/Half/Running back you deciede
as:knows how to run fast from robbing banks
use the bald one plz

Nice idea you have there, I would sign up but I don’t have a personal skin.:[

Name: Keiton Johnson
Age: 52
Position on team: Halfback
Athletic stats: Can have heart attacks during rounds, but won’t die.
Speed: 3
Link to skin: (Not hexed lol)

Yadyadayada… The scouters must be broken…

Name(no usernames):Kitty Cat
Age: four human years and 40 cat years.
Position on team:Mascot
Athletic stats:I do this to work out : Cat im a kitty cat and i dance , dance , dance and i dance dance dance :3
Speed( on a scale of 10 if trying to be a position on the offense or be a safety):6
Link to skin:

Somethings that can come in handy
Football :
Another map :
Too bad you dont use only male citizens :


Name(no usernames):Fork
Position on team: Runner guy thing.
Athletic stats: I rolled a twenty in agility and stamina.
Speed( on a scale of 10 if trying to be a position on the offense or be a safety): 6
Link to skin:

Mm that sucks but anyway,
I’m going to redo this whole thing, and guys by Names I meant real names, for example:
Howard Doodly, and I’m going to use a whole bunch of other stuff in the athletic things and stuff,
hopefuly it’ll be epic, if you want to be in the other revamped version then I’ll snip the first post and replace it with a link to the new comic.
and if anyone wants to keep me company on steam friends while I work on the comic, or have any questions,
feel free to add me: freekillcs

Kitty Cat is my name!
Im a cat!

Name: Olly Reilly
Age: ?
Position on team: You decide
Athletic stats: Fast, but may leap at people or club them round the head
Speed: 10
Link to skin:

position: you can decide
Athletic stats: can rip arms of from other players

Sorry about this huge bump but have u given up?

Name(no usernames): PH
Age: ?
Position on team: whatever is needed
Athletic stats: Was banned 27 times for killing opponents.
Speed( on a scale of 10 if trying to be a position on the offense or be a safety): 10
Link to skin: