The Ancient City

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I love you and your creepy atmospheric pictures. So much.

Really great Picture Mask. Scenebuild?

What creatures are those?

I’d give you a million artistics for the scene, but you get a single winner for the music.
Great choice.

You sure know your stuff when it comes to scenbuilding, compositions and lighting Mask.
Great work! Rated your ass medal!

nice, as always

You, Urbanator, Norpo and DeniskaSo need to be mappers. Now.

Wow, lovely atmosphere in the pic!

Thank you! Yeah, it’s a scenebuild, made on my
favourite map “gm_flatgrass_dark_v2”.
At first i just spawned a few props from the
Metro 2033 port and placed them. It was
looking like this at the beginning. I wasn’t
really sure, what i wanted to create this time.
But then i spawned a prop here, an effect there
and there it was. And then my good old days with
Turok (1998) came to my mind. I played the hell
out of it. Still remember the Mantis and Cyber-T-Rex
battle! Shit, how awesome was that!? It’s a shame
there are no fitting models out there. I’d love to remake
those encounters in GMod. :slight_smile:

I was using these creatures often before. Someone posted
a huge creature pack from some japanese mmorpg a year ago.
It have a really weird name, so i don’t really remember.
Unfortunately a lot of those models have missing textures.
I can’t figure out the link anymore, sorry.

Fucking magnificent.

reminds me of crysis 3, excellent work here, take my money

This would make a beautiful wallpaper, or coverart for a film/game.

This creature pack is an addon ? Could you put it in archive and upload somewhere or send it to email please ?
And how did you do those ruins on the background ?

I would seriously believe someone if they told me that screenshot was made in a professional studio with a $1000 animation program. How do you get so good at editing?

Alright! You can download them here. Drop the models & materials
folder in an EXISTING addon folder. Because i didn’t add an info.txt
There’s a lot of missing textures. But it’s all in the pack. The guy who
ported them over to source, missed to include the missed skins. Nothing
I can do abou it.

The ruins are either from the Metro 2033 or Fallout 3 port. Browse for
that stuff here on facepunch or

Thank you. but I’m not sure what you mean with “editing”. There’s no outside editing at all
in this pic. All ingame. The only tools i use for the athmosphere is fog, color mod and bloom.
All three have always to be twaeked very carfully to each other. Sometimes I spent about
20 min on adjusting the brighness, contrast and color multiplier in the color mod alone.

Thank you very much

no-one’s mapping anything without ME

Funny you said that, because when I read this about Urbanator, Norpo
and DeniskaSo, my first thought was … What about Joazz?

I am ashamed of myself. I have no honor.