The Angry Marines

Music first, kids.

Flatgrass. Sorry for the harsh contrast, Chesty :saddowns:


I think I should make the skin more yellow. C&C please.

I fucking lol’ed, epic reskin.

The Rage Marines?

Lol @ the skin.

But fuck me I would come round to your house right now and demand replacement eyes if it wasn’t for that apology about the contrast.

That is the shiz.
Awesome reskin.

This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions

god damnit youtube…

oh my god… I never thought I would see this from Gmod

fucking lol

oooohh mi likety very nice

Lol spamtaro memories.

Was that the inspiration for the sky?

Why are they… Black?


I mean because they look cool, ya know?