The Anguish of War

I started posing again after a few month brake, and came up with this. I’m a little rusty on posing and editing, so please forgive me.

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That’s a lot of dead bodies.

They both took arrows in the same spot, with the same blood pattern. Also, why is he upset when only seemingly two of his comrades died, yet, the entire enemy is owned. Is it just the horrors of war, or am I missing something?

Well you’ll stink less if you spend less time brooding on the bodies of your dead friends buddy.
Not to sound sick or something, just saying.

Actually the arrow on the dead body is much lower and in the plate armor area, as the arrow has gone through the chest not shoulder. And the blood pattern is completely different?

There is more of his comrades in the body pile, but with different armors.

That’s fine, it’s just the angle. Same as for his “other comrades”. Because of all the black armor, it seems like that’s one faction, and the the shiny white-ish armor guys are his friends. That’s all.

gotta be careful with the values when you’ve got so many dark characters and elements in the composition - don’t let the middleground get too black. right now there’s very little in the way of bright values in the piece, just a few extreme whites that look a bit too harsh and stand out too much