The Announcer screaming "OVERTIME OVERTIME OVERTIME!" + Bonus.

Hahahahaha :v:

I see you have the same unskinned new hat models. Nice posing and humor as always.

Yeah, it works with his headband though, like he’s a black belt karate master or something.

are the picture supposed to be the same from a different angle?
if so, the heavy’s eyes are looking in two different directions in both pictures

either way awesome posing

wait are the models back to normal???
and how did you remove the sniper’s hat??

I thought the headband was yellow or something.

Overtime :D.
They should keep it :D.

Really nice pose btw.

How does overtime work in TF2? I never really understood that.

The textures screw up in Garry’s Mod.

ah, so it is yellow then, good to know.

Pictures don’t load…