The Aperture Science Intelligent Talking Emotion-Expressing Mechanized Mannequin Stares Maliciously At The Viewer While Contemplating Life

Ingame edit.

what is dis

By my merit. The best pose ever taken in DX8.

Yeah! Break a beat!

The last picture loaded before the first, so when the first loaded (Quite suddenly), it was like it jumped out at me.

Now to change my pants.

Your pants should change you.

This is shit

The picture itself is shit, really nothing to it at all but I still laughed at the model.

same shit

It’s called being humorous, The joke is(And i hate having to EXPLAIN JOKES) that despite what is said in the title the robot is actually expressing nothing.

It’s trying to be humorous, yet I’m not laughing.

fuck man… i could never do anything like this!

That’s “humorous” the same way an M.C Escher painting makes “sense”.

The same happened to me. Thought it did the same thing as that Korean comic you can find on the Internet where one panel makes noise and fixes itself to the screen at a certain point in the comic.

Scared the living daylights outta me.

No it’s being retarded and your joke is terrible.

no he’s expressing pleasant surprise

i know what being humorous is, your joke isn’t humorous.
the only thing funny about it was the shitty model and the way it loaded for me and kinda jumped.

in all honesty, work on the quality of your pictures, your jokes can come later.

Jesus you guys are dicks.

No one has even mentioned the superb lighting.

Light is a green light or lamp placed in front of the mannequin.
Light is pretty terrible once you bring up the questions “where is the light coming from? what is emitting it?”; now you can excuse that with artistic license but the lighting itself isn’t in this case artistic at all.
It’s a green lit character on a blue based background, not superb at all.

Jesus fuck you’re a dense one aren’t you.

Sarcasm, twice as unfunny when you explain it to overly dense possibly mentally handicapped bigots.

Excuse me for taking your post seriously when there is no way for me to tell if you’re serious or not.
Take a fucking chill pill.

Do you honestly think I believe that the lighting is superb?

God damn, just leave the thread before you cum on your screen with your E-Penis and your somewhat chronic case of clicking dumb anytime someone disagrees with you.

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