The Apocalypse

The apocalypse is an upcoming series about an artifact that was released, releasing billions of parasites that are controlled by a hive mind. They have been ordered to attack The Sun system. And their first target? Earth.
In the episodes, you will watch how five combine marines have been the victims of the parasites. They lost everything. Their friends,family.
Here are a few screenshots about their information:

This is the edited version. I posed and i added more story for each character.

The fifth one will be found in the third episode.[/media]

Looks broken to me.

they looks just ordinary combines

I think they are NPC’s

they are
except for the sniper,which is badly posed

So… its gonna be a video or a comic?

rated you artistic even though there’s no actual posing in it, but the text was kinda cool

This is going to be great. :downs:

This made me lol.

good job on the series

I don’t really expect to get good ratings. As I will keep making more and more, I will get better, learn more things. These models are BETA which won’t be really true, only one model will be the same. I will have other models which I will find definitely. Professionals might even give me the awesome stuff.


Series. I guess video.

I have finally worked on the sniper posing because all of you are whining. The posing will be better. I will use the combine crouch model by the way.


A little hint for the fifth character.
She will be female. Assassin.

You know… In a video is ok to use npcs and Playermodels to record sometimes but damn, using them for a teaser/poster picture? If you are this lazy with the posters I cant imagine the video.

Look. I will post the pictures the next day. Today is the new year and i barely have time to go near my PC. These videos will be POSED and will have more explanation and entertainment.

well… its a nice start… but Its not looking good right now.

There is always next day. Or next week.

Guys, pictures updated at the first post!

Use Media Tags buddy.

I loled hard at the combine sniper, he looks like he’s giving the gun a blowjob.

lol :smiley:

I am currently working on the trailer. I have been rather busy and I cannot do much job now, but the Jack trailer part is finished.