The Apology

OK FOLKS, this took two threads and several more days than I said it would (running on Valve Time here) but HERE IT IS:

Sorry this took so long, but it is heartfelt. I’m truly sorry if I pissed anyone off in the Perskin page with my rather cheap joke. I hope this makes up for it. Also, this is the first comic I’ve made in months, so any and all tips and suggestions are welcome!

Also also, I would have posted this on the latest Perskin Page, but the comic is a bit too long, and would have defeated the purpose of apologizing.

In other news, my dad idly mention he had a copy of 3DSMax just lying around in his PC stuff collection, so I’ll spend most of the next few days digging through his PC stuff collection (roughly 10-15 very large boxes in the office) to see if he’s right. If he is (pleaseohpleaseohplease) then I won’t have to drop $3,500 for 3DSMax, and I’ll be able to study it in what little free time I have. Wish me luck!

What map would that be?

Photobombed by Slenderman.
Very nicely done.

Outside shots are on a map called dm_cloudcity, I think I got it either from the Toybox, or Funny enough, the interior shots (Wolfe’s Apartment) were made entirely from scratch in the gm_construct dark room. start to finish, it took about an hour. Only problem is that there are a ton of jokes in the apartment (game boxes, porno mags, TF2 stuff, etc) it was only after putting the comic together that I realized 90% of of the jokes didn’t show up on the final.