The appeal of all those RP servers

Since I have NO idea whatsoever how RP servers work, what is the exact reason you guys play it for? I’m interested to know, as someone who’s completely clueless.

I like to either be a gangsta and fuck around as Snoop Dogg, or I like to become a cop/mayor/important job and become corrupt and see how many others I can get to join me in a secret organization of conspiracies and crime.

There’s a few reasons why people play roleplay, but I should differentiate the three subgroups of roleplayers and “role-play.”

The Super-Serious-Hardcore-Roleplay(er)
These are players and servers that are more based around strict structure and limits. They provide a scenario, usually based around something pre-made, such as Fallout, Half-Life 2, Fantasy, Starship Troopers, and use that fictional piece’s lore as a backdrop for the server. Most server’s that host this type of roleplay focus on player development, usually through mere talking to other players with /me’s to attribute action. These servers use the map as more of a private chat room with limited physical appeal, as the purpose isn’t actually items, but interaction. These types of players and servers take their roles incredibly seriously, running on a side-walk would attract attention, yelling for no reason could get you banned, and you’re pretty much forced into being, well, the role, with no freedom or abilities beyond what you’re meant to have. The thing is, there are no items, usually no props, and all of it is imaginary, and often, the roleplay degenerates into elitism versus new players, and especially in the case of HL2 RP, most players just play hoping to become metrocops so they can abuse players. I personally hate this type of roleplay, it’s boring, and rather than actually use the engine to have real hunger, pain, death, and loss, you’re forced to pretend with it all, on the basis of “freedom,” and often you don’t get any freedom in the first place. You’re more than likely going to become a cog in the machine, another faceless person waiting for something fun, or you’ll be banned for saying a word that your character isn’t supposed to know.

The Non-Roleplay "RP(er)"
This roleplay is what makes up the majority of most servers in Garry’s Mod roleplay. These servers don’t actually focus on character development, and if they do, it’s usually destroyed by the community preferring the simplicity and destruction of a cheap AK-47 and a spawn that can be torn apart. This constitutes most of the DarkRP, PERP, and so on, that make up the server list. While there may occasionally be roleplay, it really takes a hit due to most admins have strict rules, or rules that they create so that they can abuse. The problem with this roleplay is that no one takes it seriously, it’s not really roleplay. If you do try to play a role and have fun, while still being sort of serious, but also silly, you’ll likely get banned. Being a drunk man who throws furniture out his window would result in a ban, but most of the time, killing people won’t. This type of roleplay is ruined, not because of its code, but because of its players and admins. There are a handful of DarkRP and PERP that aren’t so bad, but they are few and far inbetween.

The Casual
I fall into this, the guy who likes to play a role while having fun with it. I like to roleplay where I don’t have to abide by super strict rules, but can also play my role without fear of people breaking character. I remember one specific incident on a post-apoc server where I was a melon headed bounty hunter who had fallen into a vat of watermelon juice that was infected with the virus. I had a deep backstory, and I played my role accordingly, accent and all. Players had fun with it, laughed, it was a good time, and I ended up saving the town from some kind of mutant invasion by sacrificing my arm. (there was PAC so I could make it visual) This occurred until a butthurt admin banned me, but I still have friends from that server that I’ll play with from time to time, and Walter Melon is still alive and well in spirit. This is why I RP, to have fun and pretend, not stand around a dark hall getting abused by admins pretending to be metrocops, and kiddies who paid $25 to get respected to beat people, nor to AFK in a room only to get killed by a guy swinging props, spamming props, shooting everyone with an AK-47, or throwing weed around.

So it’s kinda like acting in several levels of improvisation?

Depends, in servers like DarkRP, you won’t see any “acting” or “improv,” but in some places, some PERP, a few DarkRP servers, you will see it. On hardcore super serious servers you’ll see it everywhere, but usually in a way that’s dull and boring, unless you need an escape from reality or some shit. Here’s an example of the RP that usually occurs on more moderate servers (which are very rare.)

I’ll (act) be a gang leader, and recruit member to my gang to take out another gang that is in the tunnels where I live.

Obviously there is no code to determine this, and there’s no actual “land owning” system, but I pretend there is. I give myself a name, “John McClintock,” and play the role kinda jokingly/seriously when need be. Like I said, you won’t find that in many places, save super-serious, and even then, it’s quite boring.

You may find a rogue DarkRP which actually has some silly RP going on, so keep looking if that attracts you. White teens pretending to be black men speaking in really bad Jamaican accents while talking about weed and the white man, shady pedophiles that have a house full of baby dolls, a gun salesmen with an Irish accent and a leg made of gold, so on and so forth.

Modification possibilities make GMod an ample and flexible RP game, huh?

Yes, but sadly, the community tends to ignore advancements in RP possibilities and sticks with the older. We had amazing Tiramisu 2 (which still works, but is community developed now), and currently have amazing RP scripts like Vein, PistachioRP, and so on, but players tend to stick with DarkRP, PERP, and Open Aura because they’ve been around for a long while, even if they’re stale and generic.

Gmod can be anything, it’s a shame it has to be the same gamemode over and over again.

Mhm, for instance in Dark-RP, the only things you can really spend your money on are guns and the only way you can get somewhere in the roleplay is by killing people. We have what i consider a fairly modified version of Dark-RP and after adding cars it gave something for people to put there money and time/effort into other than guns. Really boosted the RP.

Every RP is about killing each other as of the moment.
DarkRP(Lite): Cops vs Gangsters
CityRP(Semi-Serious[Lite]): Cops vs Corleone vs Rebels
HL2RP(Serious): Lolweebels vs Combine
If you need a true sum up of RP Gamemodes:
It was once about having fun, everyone did what they want and RP could be created on the fly thanks to the fact their was no ‘money printers’ or ‘items’ or any of this shit. People created RP, because people wanted RP.
Now almost every RP Gamemode is apart of the ‘Instant Donations’ scam forged since Pulsar Effect. The idea is you just add a few different customizations from vanilla RP gamemodes to seem ~unique~ and rake in anywhere from $300 - $3000, every month from donations. If I were really to cock my jaw, you could get quiet a few of these servers closed down by simply saying that none of them are paying taxes for the profit they make from so called ‘donator packages’
As it stands though, RP only exists on the sandbox scale, most of the gamemodes which dominate the so called ‘RP Type’ are Team Deathmatch gamemodes elongated over hours or months, depending on the seriousness which you take up.

Also don’t think RP only exists in garrysmod, garrysmod has the worst kind of RP there is.

RP’s are gay unless just kidding they are always gay.

In the end, I think the draw to RP servers is the limitations and rules they impose.
With reasonable limitations and rules comes some creativity on how to get away with things, etc.

That’s the draw for me anyways, but I rarely play RP.

Pulsar Effect was actually pretty fun. I haven’t played much RP since PE died

Most are created to rake in money from little kid’s jokingly stereotyped to get the money from their mom’s credit card.

haha pretty funny, but I wonder how much they actually make? Game servers can be a bit pricy as the slot count rises, I wonder if most even cover that cost?

They probably only pay for a month or two, draw in donators, and suddenly the server is gone forever.

Most good ones pay for a dedicated server that allows them to host a server with however many slots they want. I personally do this, but I really don’t care if people donate because I code for the fun of it.

Right. The best servers are the hobby servers, I’m sure