The Apprentice


My Gamemode idea (Just an idea, although I may work on it) is the Apprentice. Players have to work together to gain Points. If a player doesn’t have enough points, well, YOUR FIRED!

That sure as hell looks like a request.

It’s an idea.

That would be too difficult to code.

First off TheFallen(TF2) : no this would be difficult at all.

: What the hell? Players work together on what? where? how? what do you get point for?..Siriously if you want to someone to atleast thought about making this please explain how you want to make it.

I’m just going to assume you live in a non UK Country.

That just makes no sense at all.

Well yes i dont live in uk. But what youve just said does not make any sense.

There is a TV show in the UK called “The Apprentice”. The candidates are split into two teams each week and given a task to complete. One person is ‘fired’ from the losing team each episode. I hope this makes sense to all the people who are not from the UK :slight_smile:

Thanks for that.