The Archangel

I had this idea a couple days ago. A character for maybe something, maybe nothing. Unrelated to anything else I have done. I finally had a burst of anti-‘depression’ and anti-hiatus and began to pose some stuff that I will post in the coming days. I have also been taking the time out to practice multiple editing techniques. Subtle but effect, I hope.

Anyhow, The Archangel:

It looks great. Nothing else to say.



I like the editing, it helps you put an exact time stamp on it… it looks like mid summer around 2:30pm. Good work on the atmosphere for sure Ben.

Blood a bit to bright. But nice. Sad but nice.

It’s actually 1:52 p.m. on a Sunday in April.

Wait! That’s right now?!

Yeah, I didn’t quite mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s busy being a… Fashionista. :smug:

Oh my god Ben, SAVE HER!

On my way!

This screenshot is great, I love the lighting.

Me too, it’s awesome.

1 Blurred and 1 unblurred shoe looks funny.
But great job.

Aw, made my kinda touchy.

Whaha, but a shame she’s wielding a gun holster. :stuck_out_tongue:

My friendly ratings don’t seem to be working on anybody. :confused:

Yeah, the only bad thing about using those models for casual poses. That and the dirt.

my any ratings don’t seem to work on anybody

Appears so.

Ratings now only show if 2 people rate it to prevent self rating.

bloods a bit too bright, otherwise great pic
rated heart

Arcangel! You think you can screw with the blue suns!?


Thanks for the comments everyone!