The Archers of LoE

So, currently, I play on a server called Miami Lords of Epic. I’m looking for some other people that are willing to do a sort of Roleplay with me on the server temporarily. I’m basically just going to go around with a bow and hunt animals and stuff, but also help the nubbies that we find. Almost like Robin Hood. Especially if we see some guys in full kevlar, we gotta rob from the rich and give it to the poor.

Basic Archer Loadout
x50 wood
x5 stones
Cloth armor
x20 arrows
Hunting Bow

What we collect to give to the noobs
Rad pills

Just the essentials to help them get together a shelter. However, we do not give them weapons, as whenever I do, I’m always shot down and looted.

Who we give it to
The Naked and the Needy (People with cloth armor and nothing above a stone hatchet.)

Add GriffonZ on Steam, or post below to let me know if you’re interested! :smiley:

Side note - (I will be hanging with a friend in about 2 and 1/2 hours, so, I won’t be on too long. However, I will be on later that night and quite often days after.)