The Arctic Storm(MOVIE)

Hey Guys,This is my 3rd video i made on youtube.Here`s the link and the links to the addons i downloaded.

Hope you guys enjoy!
Here are the addons i used for the movie : Cigarettes) Functional Vaas Montenegro Player Model and Ragdoll) McLaren MP4-12C)
I have most of the addons i used for this movie.

This was like watching a very shaky “Let’s Play.”

Thanks,:slight_smile: I’m gonna get better at filming I just need a really good plot
And you know of any good filmmaking tips or websites that can help me?
I’m not going to be doing anymore animation movies.ill make some home movies
It’s original.:slight_smile: thanks for the comment

You do realize that’s a bad thing, right?

I saw no plot, I had no idea what was even going on. It was shaky, low quality, and it kept cutting to a different map or scene that mad no sense to me whatsoever. I would work on posing as well, the two guys standing still in the snow looked awkward, and it made no sense on why you went from a WWII Sherman tank, then Rebels, then Soap taking out two US Rangers which then swapped to a Mclaren driving randomly for a few seconds.

What’s the plot?

Gee, that scene with the tank who was spinning in circle.

I hope you are joking OP.

I didn’t understand this movie. Clearly I am not advanced enough to figure out the plot.

I don’t have any words for this.

What the hell was up with that tank?